Review Policy

I’m a book blogger. Meaning I like to review books for entertainment. It’s fun for me, that’s why I do it. When I review books I don’t want to go into an in-depth analysis about the protagonist and whatnot. So, I’ll keep it simple and tell you what I like or dislike about a book.

My reviews are also completely and totally honest. Yes, there will be some negative reviews but who loves every single book that they read?

In every review I include the book cover*, synopsis*, link to Goodreads, my rating, series, reading level, publisher, and the length of the book. I do not receive any compensation for my reviews.

*All book covers and synopses are from

My Favorite Genres (aka genres I’ll most likely review):

young adult, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, mysteries, crime, comedies, classics

Things I Like in Books:

vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, lycanthropes, ghosts, witches, wizards, magic, gods, goddesses, mythology, suspense, action, witty dialogue, romance, laugh out loud moments, strong and likable characters, the buzz factor

Authors, want me to review your book? Please go to my review request page to fill out a form. Thank you!



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